Swire is one of Hong Kong's longest-standing development groups, founded in 1816 and with interests spanning hotels, restaurants, food & beverage and numerous divisions. 

We've worked with Swire on a number of projects, including private Hong Kong members' club The Refinery, Shanghai boutique hotel The Middle House (both left), as well as the Hong Kong division of Swire Restaurants.

The Refinery is an ongoing project in partnership with The Peninsula, with content focusing on the club's exclusivity while enticing visitors through sleek, subtle copy that highlights various features.

The Middle House is part of Swire's House Collective hotels; content offers a balance between the individual property's distinct qualities against the collective's through-line tone.

Swire Restaurants sites include Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Plat Du Jour and The Continental and PUBLIC. All four have a strong overall voice running through them, with each site standing out through distinct tones that tied in with each separate concept.

Services included:
Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading
- Branding & Taglines
- Web Content & E-Marketing
- Public Relations & Press Releases
- Media Consulting
- Content Marketing
- Affiliate Web Design